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Sharmin Akter



In Cube Star International Ltd., we believe in our responsibilities towards the country we operate in. All our activities are therefore directed to the well being of the country in general.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our customers, bankers, suppliers, government agencies, regulatory bodies and everyone with whom the company interacted in conducting its business. We are grateful to you, the shareholders, for extending at all times, your valuable support and cooperation to bring the company to the level it has reached today. The success we have achieved so far was only possible because of the collective efforts of all concerned.

Mr. Md. Wali Ullah


 Managing Director

As an evolving private company that has grown within the competitive business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a high developing country in the world. Day by day rapidly the country GDP growth and immensely increase the export import market large. Exports and imports are important because together they make up a country’s balance of trade, which can impact an economy’s overall health. In a healthy economy, both imports and exports see continual growth. This usually represents a sustainable and strong economy. When exports and imports become unbalanced, it can cause either a trade surplus or a trade deficit. We are Cube Star International Ltd. committed to the developing the county economic status along our goal.

Our Mission

At Cube Star International Ltd, our mission is to be the compass guiding businesses through the dynamic world of import and export. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that optimize global trade operations, ensuring our clients’ success. By leveraging innovative technologies, promoting eco-friendly practices, and fostering lasting partnerships, we aim to illuminate the path to prosperity for every trader, regardless of their experience level. Cube Star’s commitment is to be your trusted partner, simplifying international trade and helping you achieve your global business aspirations.

Our Vision

Cube Star International Ltd envisions a future where global trade is accessible and sustainable for businesses of all sizes. We aspire to lead the industry by continuously innovating, using cutting-edge technologies, and forging new paths in eco-friendly trade practices. Our vision is to be the go-to resource for import and export solutions, providing unparalleled support to our clients. We see a world where trade transcends borders effortlessly, enabling economic growth and fostering cooperation among nations. Cube Star’s ultimate vision is to be the catalyst for global prosperity, making international trade a beacon of opportunity for all.