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Exports and imports play an important role in determining the overall health of an economy. Countries use the data they acquire from exports and imports to determine if they are experiencing a surplus or a deficit. If you work in logistics, finance or a government position that involves managing shipments between foreign countries, understanding how exports and imports work may benefit you.

Exports are the goods and services a country produces domestically and sells to businesses or customers who reside in a foreign country. This results in an influx of funds to the country that is selling their goods and services.

Imports are the goods and services a business or customer purchases from another country. This results in an outflow of funds from the country that is purchasing foreign goods and services. While most countries try to export more goods and services than they import to increase their domestic revenue, a high level of imports can indicate a growing economy. This is especially true if the imports are mainly productive assets, such as equipment and machinery, since the receiving country can use these assets to improve their economy’s productivity.

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Exports and imports are important because together they make up a country’s balance of trade, which can impact an economy’s overall health. In a healthy economy, both imports and exports see continual growth. This usually represents a sustainable and strong economy. When exports and imports become unbalanced, it can cause either a trade surplus or a trade deficit.

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